Adelphi has been a dream of two sisters, Rossi Green and Georgia Williams, for as long as they can remember. Growing up in the Greek culture, family and home have always been at the center of their lives. What started as a dream grew into the opportunity to bring their passion of creating livable and inviting spaces where families can gather and entertain to their bigger family, the Columbia community.

Adelphi launched in June 2024 as a full-service operation offering furniture, home goods and design, located in a charming building on Devine Street in Columbia, South Carolina. They are a team dedicated to building a lifestyle brand that reflects who they are and providing you with the pieces of home and lifestyle that set the scene for memories to be made. Rossi and Georgia are inspired by their rich Greek heritage and bring that inspiration together to offer unique, timeless pieces that are showcased in Adelphi, which is "sister" in Greek.